September 2011

Serving Size Based on Food Groups

I have had lots of questions lately about serving sizes and just wanted to remind you how this goes down:

Fruits Serving Sizes

1/2 banana

1 small apple, orange, or pear

1/2 cup of chopped, cooked, or canned fruit

Vegetables Serving Sizes

1 cup of raw leafy vegetables

1/2 cup of other vegetables; cooked, raw (chopped), or canned

1/2 cup of vegetable juice

Bread, Cereal, Rice, Starchy Vegetables, and Pasta Serving Sizes

1 slice of bread

Questions From My FaceBook Friends Answered

The other day I asked my face book friends:

What are your biggest questions when it comes to nutrition, dieting, weight loss and exercise? I really need your opinion on this!

Well I would like to take each one of theses questions and answer them at some lenth with explanations.  So lets take one at a time.

#1 When is a good time to eat meals? Food

Fiber - Fiber - Fiber / Please Don't Forget About Your Fiber

I know this is about fiber but I also have a great recipe to try too!!!

Most of you know that I am also a colon hydrotherapist and I am always harping about how important fiber is and when it comes to losing fat, gaining strength and muscle, and our over all health, fiber is key! We all know the main benefit of fiber is to keep your body “regular,” but there are 4 other benefits that are pretty important too: