Are Your Intestines Toxic? These 7 Habits Could Be Poisoning Your Intestines.


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Intestinal toxemia occurs when the bacteria in your gut act upon undigested food. This interaction can produce toxic chemical and gases. These toxins, in turn, can damage the mucosal lining, resulting in increased intestinal permeability also known as "Leaky Gut" - toxins are then able to spread throughout the body via the bloodstream.

7 common habits that may be poisoning your intestines:

  1. Inadequate amounts of living foods and quality proteins in our dietary choices
  2. Not chewing our foods thoroughly
  3. Drinking with meals
  4. Over-consumption of processed foods (including sugar!)
  5. Overeating in general
  6. Eating foods that we know we are sensitive or allergic to
  7. Inadequate water consumption between meals resulting in low-grade dehydration

Poisoning your intestines is a process that progresses over time. The good news is that you can reverse that process by changing your behaviors.

In the words of Dr. John Matsen, ND, “If you don’t digest your food quickly, some microorganism will digest it for you, making toxins.” These toxins created inside our bodies are called “endotoxins”. I want you to know that they are every bit as damaging to your body as external environmental toxins. We call those “exotoxins”, and are very familiar with the dangers of substances like pesticides, radon or car exhaust.

If the above mentioned habits continue for an extended period of time, the certain result is an overtaxed digestive system. That happens whether you experience mild to severe digestive symptoms, or no symptoms at all. Supporting organs such as your liver and pancreas become overburdened.

Ultimately, your once healthy gut begins its downhill spiral toward altered digestive function. Diagnoses like constipation, diarrhea, IBS or even IBD, along with cardiovascular issues, hormone imbalances, arthritis, fibromyalgia – the list goes on and on. 

This is primarily how the sad tale of disease begins – and if you truly understand this, you have the power to change your story and restore your health once more!

So what can we do to reverse some of the damage we may have produced over the years:

  1. completely eliminate all processed foods from your diet
  2. make sure you are consuming at least half your body weight in pure water daily
  3. get at least 7 servings of fresh vegetables (not out of a can) in that body of yours daily
  4. slow down when you eat - enjoy your food
  5. eat at least 3/4 your body weight in grams of protein
  6. take a high quality probiotic on a daily basis - we suggest Advanced Natural - check them out here
  7. get a food sensitivity blood test if you suspect you have food sensitivities - take our questionaire here

Give these changes at least 30 days and you will soon begin to notice the difference in the way you feel and your level of your energy.  

Hope this helps :)