Adrenal Fatigue - Oh No - Not You!

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In this fast pace world we live in Adrenal Fatique is more prevalent now then ever before and it doesn't look like the world is going to slow down any time soon. 

It’s common in the earlier stages of adrenal fatigue to have high cortisol at night. And here is the problem with that - high levels of cortisol disrupt your sleep pattern, causing problems falling asleep, or staying asleep, or both…which is the very thing you don’t need! You can also have high cortisol during the daytime hours if you are in the early stages of adrenal fatigue and if you are human living in this day and age who doesn’t have high cortisol levels during the day because hey guess what causes that ---- STRESS!!!!!! Can I get an Amen here.  Am I right – do you have stress????

And here is another little tidbit for you – belly fat!!! Every heard of that, yea right - one cause is – you guessed it high cortisol levels cause belly fat. (We might be able to help you here - grab our 3 Day Pass and see if we are a good fit - click here)

But there is something you can do - help is on the way. It’s called Phosphatidyl Serine, aka PS, and it helps lower your cortisol levels. I have been taking it for years (along with some other supplements which I will clue you in on later down the page).

Phosphatidyl serine (PS) is a fatty acid found in your immune cells and muscle tissue, and is also prevalent in your brain cells. So as a supplement, it is promoted as a benefit for brain improvement, such as enhancing your memory, concentration, alertness and mood, along with cell repair (I am hoping it will repair some of those brain cells I damaged in my youth – if you know what I mean). It also helps prevent muscle breakdown due to high cortisol, and can stimulate your immune response. But I use it for something other than brain enhancement, it helps lower cortisol when it’s high levels are damaging–lowering it from 30% to 70% according to different literature. And yes if you surf the internet you will find, oh lets see, about 100,000 articles written about it many of which I have read.  So I have taken all that I have read – the good, the bad and the ugly and I have come up with my own conclusion which I have written here for you.


When you shop for it, you may notice that what is labeled as Phosphatidyl Serine is often a “complex” containing both PS and other Phosphatidyl’s, including Phosphatidyl Choline, aka PC. Phosphatidyl Choline comes from lecithin, and they are both used interchangeably in literature. It’s a substance that “holds things together”. In biology, it’s in our cells and plays a part in their health and repair, just as PS does. It metabolizes down into choline, and also helps our liver health. The “complexes” will often say 500 mg, of which 100 mg is the Phosphatidyl Serine. Ok are you totally confused now? Well don’t be just go along with the flow here for me.


Recommended doses of PS range from 300 mg to 1000 mg, and you might start around 300 mg and see if you get relief, or raise until you do. Well you may say relief from what? I would say relief from saying to yourself I am too young to feel this damn old!!! Now come on have you ever said that to yourself?


When to take it? When your cortisol levels are the highest. If that occurs only at night (can’t sleep), then try before bedtime. If during the day, experiment with 300 mg at breakfast, another 300 by lunch, and 300 around dinner and see how that works for you.

One downside of PS: it’s derived from soy. And soy is a known thyroid inhibitor (among other bad things). So you might want to pay careful attention to your other sources of soy, and eliminate them. Of course if you listen to me at all (and I am sure you all do), then you know I am not a big fan of soy anyway so just stay away from soy period.  I will elaborate on that in another blog I promise.

Ok let’s dive a bit more into this Belly Fat thing.  Cortisol keeps both insulin and blood sugar levels high and that is bad news since insulin causes the storage of excess blood sugars as fat, especially in the belly. And like I said before cortisol breaks down lean muscle (the very type of tissue that burns calories most efficiently – remember what I always say muscle burns calories fat does not so the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn).

Now here is the problem why some people who diet just can’t seem to lose that belly fat – the mere word “DIET” can cause an immediate stress release and what did I just tell you – that causes your cortisol levels to skyrocket. So now you get all stressed out because you are training hard and “Dieting” like a mad person.

So let’s just stop dieting all together and just eat healthy – now that’s a novel concept!!! Yes stay away from processed food, fast food, sugar (that includes all sweets by the way) and control your portions and you won’t have to worry about dieting because you have changed your lifestyle and the pounds will start just falling off (with a little more help from BootCamps)!!!

Eariler I mentioned the other supplement that I take in addition to PS and they are; B-Complex, Holy Basil, Magnesium, Vitamin C and Fish Oil. These may help you too :)