If You Are Going To Do Cardio Want To Know The Very Best One?

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Bored with performing the same cardio routines every day? Don't have time to go to the gym? Need a quick and fun way to burn calories every morning? Well then, jump ropes is something you could be doing.  Anyone who has ever used a jump rope knows that it just takes a little more than 30 seconds to elevate your heart rate. Therefore, a good jump rope/skipping rope is not a bad investment to make. It is an extremely effective form of cardiorespiratory exercise and doesn't require anything except a little space and time. Here are 4 more reasons to include it in your regime.  


1.     It Helps In Coordination


You need to synchronize your legs and hands simultaneously to work out with a jump rope. Therefore, it is an effective tool to improve coordination between various muscle groups in your body. Therefore, performing some jumping rope before, during or after your weight training can help you achieve this.


2.     Great HIIT Tool


If you like working out in circuits, jump ropes could be your best bet. Adding it between sets adds to the overall intensity of your workouts. Performing jumping rope with high intensity after you have completed your weight training also provides a good option for HIIT cardio. We make sure to add Jump Rope to our HIIT workouts all the time. If you want to give that a try with us, just grab our FREE 3 Day Group Fitness Pass  right here and come join in on our results orientated fitness fun :) (click here to get your pass)


3.     Increased Resilience Of Leg Muscles


Leg muscles like calves become stiff with weight training over time. Stiff muscles are an invitation for injury. People who perform heavy leg exercises generally complain of stiff calve muscles. Jumping rope regularly will provide strength as well as elasticity to the surrounding tendons and fascia.


4. Takes Up Little Space


A jump rope is something that takes up very little space in your travel bag. Also, you hardly need any floor space to do a jump rope workout. If you do not have time to go to gym or you are travelling, jumping rope comes in handy as it provide the best option for a quick workout session. Mix it with a few body weight exercises - like push-ups, squats and burpees and you can have a good overall workout session.