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sub_skinThe skin is an organ that covers the body, a protective layer separating the internal organs and structures from the outer environment. To make it simple - it is comprised of an outer, waterproof layer (the epidermis), and an inner layer (the dermis).

Men... Losing Strength? This Hormone Can Help

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Yes, we're talking testosterone.  That muscle-building hormone.  But I'm not going to recommend that you take any anabolic steroid hormones or anything like that unless of course you go to your physician and get close supervision. 

Recipe (Smoothie meal): Chia Peach Green Smoothie



This is one of my favorite smoothies.  If you would like more please check out my 102 Fabulous Blended Drinks and download a copy for yourself :)  (click here to grab your copy)

Serves 1

Everything You Think You Know About Healthy Eating is Wrong and it's Making You Fat and Tired ... or is it?

Everything You Think You Know About Healthy Eating is Wrong and it's Making You Fat and Tired

Oh my gosh – nutrition and diet info is everywhere!

And each expert and association tries to lead you in their direction because they know best and their advice is going to help you.  Right?

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Well, maybe…

Is Your Food Making You Sick?


food sensitivities


3 best diet secrets

Fitness Bootcamp Personal Trainer bootcamp

What Exactly Is Gluten Anyway?

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7 Home Workouts To Help BURN More FAT

Fitness Bootcamp Personal Trainer bootcamp

I know sometimes we can't always get to the the gym or bootcamp and we just need to move to get the circulation going thru that body so here are 7 Workouts that can be done anywhere (even on the beach in Punta Cana)!

Try This Trending Fitness Meal

What you eat will make or break your fitness results so if you aren’t happy with your current body then I’ll bet that your diet could use some improvement. 

I realize that finding the time to cook and eat healthy meals is a challenge for many of my clients and so I’d like to introduce you to the Nourish Bowl. 
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