Bathing Suit Season in Full Swing - You Ready?

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Most people want to slim down before baring it all, so I'm here to warn you of the 5 Flat Tummy Myths that could waste your time:

Walking...Does a body good!

Why Keep Working Out - Even When Your Are Sick And Tired

I wanted to touch base with you today and remind you of my 13 top reasons to exercise, because let's face it, some days you just don't feel like exercising. 

You get too busy, too stressed and quite simply too tired. Sometimes we just need a reminder as to how very important exercise is. So here is your reminder :) 

Have You Heard of Mycotoxins?



Have you heard of mycotoxins?  These tiny compounds are byproducts of mold, and they can wreak havoc on the immune system.  These toxic chemicals are a common reason why people can develop mysterious health issues.  Common side effects of chronic mycotoxin exposure include:


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Not Getting Enough Sleep .... Not Good

If you have a habit of skimping on sleep, you may actually be causing long-term concerns in virtually every aspect of your health. In the United States, 50-70 million adults experience sleep deprivation. It has been determined by the National Sleep Foundation that adults need seven to nine hours of sleep every night – not just during the work week, but every night. It is your body’s circadian rhythm which is your sleep-wake cycle that actually propels the rhythms of biological activity at the cellular level.

Are You Suffering From Heartburn?

What Is It?

Heartburn , also known  as acid reflux, is a condition wherein  gastric juices  back  up

into the esophagus creating a burning  sensation  that  then radiates upward.heartburn

Are You Losing Your Strength?

Muscle Strength Fades After Just Two

IBS - Is this stopping you from living a normal life?

What Is It? 

Could You Have A Food Addition?

Eating healthy and losing weight seems downright impossible for many people.

Despite their best intentions, they repeatedly find themselves eating large amounts of unhealthy foods, despite knowing that it is causing them harm.

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