Infrared Sauna

Infrered Sauna


Infrared Sauna

Infrared light is a specific bandwidth/frequency of sunlight.  This infrared light energy is divided into three spectrums: Near, Medium and Far. They are defined by frequency ranges measured in small wavelengths called microns.  The far infrared light spectrum measures from 4 microns to 1000 microns.

Far Infrared Sauna heater panels are designed to reproduce a specific bandwidth of light energy that perfectly matches the exact frequency the human body emits and absorbs. That specific bandwidth of light energy is 7-14 microns. This is much like your TV being tuned to a certain channel.

This channel of far infrared light is able to safely heat activate the human body directly without creating high air temperatures in the sauna cabin.  The 7-14 micron bandwidth of Far Infrared Radiant (FIR) energy achieves the maximum penetration into body tissues and produces a unique vibration at the cellular level called Resonant Absorption.

The process of Resonant Absorption helps to create physical and chemical changes within the cells of the human body that have proven to be extremely beneficial in controlling numerous health issues.

There are many types of materials that emit far infrared sauna energy: ceramic, steel, nickel, and carbon. We have chosen a company that uses organic carbon due to the proven effectiveness and efficiency of carbon. The human body is composed mostly of oxygen and carbon.  The frequency at which it receives far infrared energy is perfectly compatible with the Carbon Heater in a carbon infrared sauna.

Rocky Mountain Saunas Organic, Nan-Carbon™ , carbon plate heaters do not use wires to conduct far infrared heat. They apply the perfect thickness of ultra-conductive, mineralized carbon, to a non-toxic, epoxy resin panel, acInfrared Sanuativated by positive and negative copper strips on either side of the panel.

Rocky Mountain Saunas Organic, Nan-Carbon™ heating plate is formed using ultra-small, Nan-carbon™ powder, including 17 proprietary minerals, which are high-temperature pressed with highly insulated PCB circuit materials. When electrical current is passed through this impregnated carbon plate, they are able to create the exact far infrared wave length of the human body, (between 5 – 14 microns).

The energy bandwidth, of 5.6-15 microns, of far-infrared light rays, perfectly matches the human body Bio-wavelength. This radiant infrared energy is very easily absorbed by the human body with dramatic results, when used in a regular health maintenance regimen.

Reflective foil on the back of the Nan-Carbon™ heating plates drives ALL the tuned infrared energy forward into the sauna cabin interior, making this design technology 98% efficient in delivering the maximum amount of radiant energy to your body.  Radiant heat saturates the human body with warm, gentle waves of far infrared energy. The low surface temperatures of Nan-Carbon™ panels are Safe and Comfortable. The large surface area of the carbon panels in a 360 degree configuration produces Highly Efficient body exposure and tissue penetration. 



Infrared Sauna

You will find that infrared sauna vs traditional sauna heating systems are much different than you would expect. Traditional, (hot rock and steam), use Hot Air, or Convection Heat to warm the body.  The cabin air temperatures inside a traditional sauna range from 160 degrees F to 200 degrees F.  These high air temperatures make traditional sauna use unpleasant for many people, since they can produce feelings of claustrophobia, difficulty in breathing and a sense of being overwhelmed.

Hot air saunas heat the body at the skin level and convection heat does not penetrate the body very deeply.

Rocky Mountain Saunas use a tuned Radiant Heat to heat the body directly and cabin air temperatures typically range from 110 degrees F to 135 degrees F.   Radiant Heat is absorbed deep into body tissues and causes the body to sweat much more, even though the infrared sauna cabin air temperatures are notably lower than traditional saunas.

Radiant Heat saunas produce a pleasant and relaxing environment.  Scientific and medical studies performed over the past 45 years have documented a long list of health benefits from far infrared sauna radiant heat therapy.


                        infrared saunaInfrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna



Infrared Sauna

infrared sauna

An infrared heat emitter can only be as efficient as its total surface area.  Typical ceramic emitters have a very small surface emission area, totaling a few square inches.  Carbon panels cover a very large surface area and are able to provide an even infrared coverage over the entire body and have a surface area total of 27 square feet, in a two person sauna (which is the size we have here at Fit Body Fitness & Detox).

Ceramic heat emitters reach surface temperatures in excess of 400 degrees in order to produce far infrared energy.  This type of emitter is neither safe nor comfortable.

Nan-Carbon™ panels have a surface temperature of 125 – 145 degrees F and you can lean right up against the backrest, about an inch from the panel surface, and be safe and relaxed. Ceramic heat emitters have a short life expectancy of 3 – 6 years, on average. Nan-Carbon™ panels are extremely durable and have a life expectancy of 75 years, on average.



infrared sauna

infrared sauna 

The cabin air temperature in a far infrared sauna plays a supporting role. The cabin air temperature in a traditional sauna is the driving force.

Since far infrared saunas heat the body directly, the light energy penetrates the body much more deeply that hot air heat. Infrared heat is able to raise the core temperature of the body more effectively than hot air.  By raising the core temperature, far infrared saunas will produce double or triple the amount of sweat volume as traditional saunas.

Far infrared sauna heat is thought to be seven times more effective at detoxifying metals such as mercury and aluminum, as well as cholesterol, nicotine, alcohol, ammonia, sulfuric acid and other environmental toxins when compared to the hot air heat of hot rock and steam saunas.


Infrared Sauna Heat


infrared sauna

Sweating is good for you. Seriously, sweating is one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health.

“Detoxification is important because it strengthens the body’s immune system and helps the body’s biochemical         processes function efficiently so that we are better able to digest the nutrients in our foods. Detoxification has also been shown to be helpful with colitis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disease, immune deficiency states, autism, ADD and ADHD.”
-Dr. Rachel West

infrared sauna

Sauna detox helps you sweat the small stuff.
Did you know that sauna detox has been widely embraced as a healthy treatment in alternative medicine? In fact, as the world moves toward more natural and self-directed treatments, sauna detoxification is getting more and more attention.

Why? Well, the leading principle of sauna detoxification states that the build-up of toxic substances can lead to a host of common illnesses. Ridding the body of these toxins through a natural sauna detox may help relieve symptoms, prevent future illness and increase overall health and vitality.

The United States Center for Disease Control estimates that the root causes of more than 80% of all illnesses are found in personal environments or lifestyles. In other words, the world around you can make you sick. It’s in the air we breathe, and in the food we eat. There’s very little we can do to reduce exposure. We can, however, use sauna detox as a treatment.

Detoxification isn’t new. Just better.
Researchers have long told us how the body sweats out toxic substances, including heavy metals. As long as you maintain proper hydration, the more you safely sweat, the more toxins you’ll expel from your body. And what is one of the safest and most effective methods for inducing a detoxifying sweat? In sauna detox, your body sweats out numerous toxins through pores. But not all sweats are the same; and neither are all saunas.

Infrared saunas are up to seven times more effective than a traditional sauna. Our detox sauna uses far infrared heat to generate sweats with a toxin ratio of nearly 20%. In traditional saunas, you might get a 3% ratio. We’re able to offer this incredible rate of detoxification because of our highly-efficient and proprietary infrared heating technology – the only technology proven to raise core body temperature by two-to-three degrees. Rather than simply heating the ambient air to draw out toxins, our sauna detox will heat your core to expel them.  As a result, infrared sauna detox will provide a truly deep, productive sweat where toxins reside, at the cellular level.



infrared sauna

infraredExpensive cosmetic treatments may have limited effects or questionable long-term safety. Instead, rejuvenate your skin while also receiving all of the other health benefits associated with infrared sauna therapy.

A study published in The Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy showed significant improvements in skin appearance after just 12 weeks of sauna skin therapy using near-infrared technology. Participants experienced a reduction in wrinkles and crow’s feet, as well as improved overall skin tone, including softness, smoothness, elasticity, clarity and firmness.

Sauna skin therapy is essential to well-toned, healthy, great-looking skin. 



infrared sauna

infraredInfrared saunas promote weight loss by detoxifying the body and burning calories while you relax in total comfort.

The secret is out on sauna weight loss:                    
Maintaining a healthy weight is important to your overall quality of life. That’s no secret. In fact, a 10-year study published by The New England Journal of Medicine discovered that the circumference of your waist alone is a critical factor for assessing the risk of premature death. In other words, by maintaining a healthy weight, you may be able to live a longer, healthier life.

Infrared saunas are clinically shown to aid weight loss. In a 2009 study, they were shown to help lower weight and waist circumference in just a three-month period. The common theme among subjects in the study was that far infrared sauna use was similar to moderate exercise but "much more relaxing". 

In addition, according to information published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, infrared sauna weight loss sessions were shown to burn up to 600 calories. During a sauna weight loss session, core temperatures increase. The body has to work hard to cool itself, causing a healthy sweat. Using an infrared sauna increases heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate, burning more calories, leading to more weight loss. This is why you do not shower after first exiting the sauna.

infrared sauna


infrared sauna


Infrared saunas have been designed with the utmost in comfort for greater relaxation and stress-reduction.

Relaxation is more important to health than most people realize. The American Institute of Stress estima

infrared sauna

tes that 75 to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related problems. Long-term stress is the cause of countless physiological effects on the body, including increased blood pressure, weight gain and weakening of the immune system.

According to New York Times best-selling author and fitness expert Jorge Cruise – as well as many other health professionals – the more stressed you are, the more cortisol your body produces. Cortisol is a “fight or flight” hormone made in the adrenal glands that raises heart rate and blood pressure and leads to the deposit of excess calories in the midsection.

Scientific evidence also shows that infrared sauna therapy helps the body maintain healthy levels of cortisol. While cortisol levels stay the same or rise slightly during a sauna therapy session, they drop immediately afterward. In fact, infrared saunas have been clinically shown to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure with regular use. 



infrared sauna

One of the most compelling reasons to use a infrared sauna is the natural pain relief associated with infrared sauna therapy.

Infrared sauna heat works by penetrating joints, muscles and tissues, increasing circulation and speeding oxygen flow. By reducing soreness on nerve endings, our infrared heat reduces muscle spasms and helps the body heal itself naturally.

For years, doctors have recommended infrared saunas because of proven relief from sports injury, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis and other chronic pain conditions.

“Infrared wavelengths penetrate the body to create heat, which creates profound therapeutic benefits. They increase blood flow to the muscles, delivering more concentrated oxygen, which creates more energy to heal.”
-Dr. Jeffrey Spencer - University of Southern California

A 2013 study conducted at the Auburn University at Montgomery compared stretching in a full spectrum sauna compared to a typical training room environment.  Participants completed a series of hamstring stretches in random order with 48 hours separating the sessions.  Results showed that acute flexibility increased up to 3x in the sauna than without!  Benefits to the increased range of motion include joint mobility, less friction in the joints, enabling of joint function to diminish stiffness and joint relaxation.   . 

infrared sauna

A recent Japanese study published in the journal, Internal Medicine, showed that chronic pain patients experienced a significant reduction in pain levels (nearly 70%) after the first session of infrared sauna therapy. Pain scores also decreased significantly and remained low throughout the observation period. Researchers concluded that infrared heat therapy is effective for chronic pain treatment.

Finally, a 2003 study conducted by the Department of Dermatology and Institute of Medical Research showed that use of infrared heat therapy helped the production of white blood cells to alleviate inflammation and reduce swelling, two key factors in easing bodily pain.



infrared sauna


Infrared saunas are backed by clinical research that shows a reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Both are key factors in maintaining a healthy heart.

As part of a blood pressure therapy program, regular use of a infrared sauna is good for your heart! In the U.S. alone, one in three adults suffers from heart disease, stroke or some other form of cardiovascular disease in their lifetime. High blood pressure increases your risk of getting heart disease, kidney disease or serious stroke.

Only infrared saunas have been clinically determined to provide one of the best, natural ways to lower blood pressure. In a 2005 clinical study by the University of Missouri Kansas City, the special infrared heaters were shown to lower blood pressure through a program of 20 minute infrared sauna sessions 3 times per week. The study concluded that infrared sauna therapy dilated blood vessels and reduced the volume of their inner lining, thus increasing circulation to promote healthy blood pressure.

Additionally, a Japanese study published in the October 2008 issue of The Journal of Cardiology examined the clinical effectiveness and safety of infrared blood pressure therapy, as compared to standard therapies for patients with chronic heart failure. The report concluded that far-infrared sauna therapy is both safe and effective at improving clinical symptoms and cardiac function as well as decreasing cardiac size in chronic heart failure patients. Repeated infrared sauna treatments improved impaired blood vessel functions in patients with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. This suggests a preventive role for infrared sauna use for arteriosclerosis.

infrared sauna


infrared sauna

infrared sauna
As a health sauna, our sauna heats your muscles with infrared rays and produces an increase in blood flow similar to regular exercise. In fact, blood flow during infrared sauna use has been reported to rise from a normal rate of 5-7 quarts per minute to as much as 13 quarts per minute.
The elevation in body temperature from infrared sauna use also produces an increase in blood flow that mirrors the benefits of a passive cardiovascular workout. Regular infrared sauna use – especially in the mid-infrared range – has been shown to significantly stimulate blood flow, even after your health sauna session is completed. A cardio workout has never been so relaxing! Another benefit of improved circulation from infrared sauna use is quick muscle recovery – after your regular workouts. The increased peripheral circulation from our infrared heat reduces inflammation, decreases pain and speeds healing, all important steps in helping the body recover from strenuous activity.f 5-7 quarts per minute to as much as 13 quarts per minute.



infrared sauna

Stay healthy with the natural preventive properties of our infrared exclusive heating technology, which aids in cell health, muscle recovery and overall immunity defense.

Infrared sauna therapy stimulates the circulatory system, causing the heart to beat more vigorously and blood vessels to dilate, which help cleanse the circulatory system and more fully oxygenate the body’s cells.

Better blood circulation means more toxins flow from the cellular level to the skin’s surface to improve cell health, aid in muscle recovery and strengthen the immune system.

A study from The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology concluded that an infrared sauna restores enzyme activity and reduces cell death by half.

Regardless of the extent of the injury, someone who regularly uses this type of sauna will recover faster...It doesn’t add additional stress to the body or the injury. It actually works with the body to heal.
-Dr. Jeffrey Spencer - University of Southern California

According to The Doctor’s Prescription for Health Living, infrared heat is one of the best treatments for sprains, strains, muscle spasms, and other injuries associated with sports because it works by penetrating joints, muscles and tissues, speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation.

infrared sauna


infrared sauna

infrared sauna

Before the sauna session, you should drink a full glass of water, or other hydrating drink, such as a non-sugary sports drink or coconut water. Do not drink coffee, soda, juice overloaded with sugar or alcohol. Do not eat a heavy meal for a least one hour before your sauna session. We will provide you a bottle of water to take in the sauna if necessary.

You should wear as little as possible in a sauna. Loose fitting cotton clothing or a bathing suit is recommended. We can provide a paper gown and paper slippers to wear if you prefer.  The beauty of an infrared sauna is that you can gain the benefits of sweating at much lower temperatures. This is important if you have been unable to tolerate the heat of a traditional sauna for very long.

Next, it’s good to take a quick shower to get dirt, dry skin, and any soap or lotion residue off your skin. You may want to do a dry brush to increase your circulation and the benefits of the sauna.  Do that before you shower (we will explain how to do this and you can get a natural bristle dry brush almost anywhere). It's not necessary, but it sure does feel good! You can shower before you come to our facility. You do not want to shower directly after your sauna session because you are still detoxing. Wait awhile after you are out of the sauna.  Take about 10 minutes to cool down. Then use your towel to thoroughly wipe down and dry off.

infrared sauna

How long to stay in a sauna depends on several factors.  First, listen to your body and don't overdo it.

If you're new to using an infrared sauna, keep in mind that you typically don't start sweating until 10-15 minutes into the session. If you start feeling faint, claustrophobic, or uncomfortable cut the session short or open the sauna door for a bit. As you get used to the sauna experience, you will be able to tolerate longer stays. An average sauna session is about 20 minutes long. We will have a bottle of water for you. If you would like an Emergen-C electrolyte drink we will be happy to provide one for you upon exiting. Don't drink caffeinated drinks or alcohol before or during a sauna. You must have a lid or top for any container you bring to your sauna session in our facility to avoid damaging the equipment.



infrared sauna

You might feel the need to relax before getting back to your day. Listen to your body. Usually 10 minutes is sufficient.  A sauna is relaxing, so why not savor the invigorating relaxation for a while.

After you're sauna session wait about one hour before showering since your body will continue to detoxify. Then take a warm to cool shower to remove sweat and toxins from your skin. If possible, avoid putting soap and especially lotion on your skin, which will only clog the pores you just cleansed. A cold water rinse will close up your pores quickly and leave your skin feeling incredibly and naturally smooth.



infrared sauna

  • In all situations, hydration is a requirement for sauna use - drinking 12-16 ounces of water is recommended both before and after sauna use
  • Do not apply body lotion to your body prior to a sauna session
  • In the rare event that you experience pain and/or discomfort, immediately discontinue sauna use
  • Remove Jewelry and Accessories
  • No cell phones or any electronical devices
  • Keep Out Combustible Materials
  • Pregnant Women Should Avoid the Sauna
  • No Alcohol or Food
  • Keep Children and Pets Out of the Sauna
  • Use one of our pads to sit on, our paper feet covers and a towel to wipe off your body surface sweat



infrared sauna


Individuals who are using prescription drugs should seek the advice of their personal physician or a pharmacist for possible changes in the drugs' effects when the body is exposed to far infrared waves or elevated body temperature. Diuretics, barbiturates, and beta-blockers may impair the body's natural heat loss mechanisms. Some over-the-counter drugs such as antihistamines may also cause the body to be more prone to heat stroke.


The core body temperature of children rises much faster than adults. This occurs due to a higher metabolic rate per body mass, limited circulatory adaptation to increased cardiac demands, and the inability to regulate body temperature by sweating. Consult with a child's pediatrician before using a sauna.

The Elderly

The ability to maintain core body temperature decreases with age. This is primarily due to circulatory conditions and decreased sweat gland function. The body must be able to activate its natural cooling processes in order to maintain core body temperature.

Cardiovascular Conditions

Individuals with cardiovascular conditions or problems (hypertension, hypotension, congestive heart failure, or impaired coronary circulation) or those who are taking medications which might affect blood pressure should exercise extreme caution when exposed to prolonged heat. Heat stress increases cardiac output and blood flow due to the body's effort to transfer internal body heat to the outside environment via the skin (perspiration) and respiratory system. This takes place primarily due to major changes in the heart rate, which has the potential to increase by 30 beats per minute for each degree of increase in core body temperature.

Alcohol / Alcohol Abuse

Contrary to popular belief, it is not advisable to attempt to "sweat out" a hangover. Alcohol intoxication decreases a person's judgment. Therefore this person may not realize it when the body has a negative reaction to high heat. Alcohol also increases the heart rate, which may be further increased by heat stress.

Chronic Conditions / Diseases Associated with a Reduced Ability to Perspire

Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, central nervous system tumors, and diabetes with neuropathy are conditions that are associated with impaired sweating.

Hemophiliacs / Individuals Prone to Bleeding

The use of infrared should be avoided by anyone who is predisposed to bleeding.


An individual that has a fever should not use a sauna.

Insensitivity to Heat

An individual that has insensitivity to heat should not use a sauna.


Pregnant women should consult a physician before using a sauna because fetal damage can occur with a certain elevated body temperature.


Heating of the lower back area of women during the menstrual period may temporarily increase their menstrual flow. Some women endure this process to gain the pain relief commonly associated with their cycle, whereas others simply choose to avoid sauna use during that time of the month.

Joint Injury

If you have a recent acute joint injury, it should not be heated for the first 48 hours after an injury or until the hot and swollen symptoms subside. If you have a joint or joints that are chronically hot and swollen, these joints may respond poorly to vigorous heating of any kind.

Enclosed Infections

Vigorous heating is strictly contraindicated in cases of enclosed infections, be they dental, in joints, or in any other tissues.


Metal pins, rods, artificial joints, or any other surgical implants generally reflect far infrared waves and thus are not heated by this system. Nevertheless, you should consult your surgeon prior to using an infrared sauna. Certainly the usage of an infrared sauna must be discontinued if you experience pain near any such implants. Silicone does absorb far infrared energy. Implanted silicone or silicone prostheses for nose or ear replacement may be warmed by the far infrared waves. Since silicone melts at over 200°C (392°F), it should not be adversely affected by the usage of an infrared sauna. It is still advised that you check with your surgeon and possibly a representative from the implant manufacturer to be certain.



infrared sauna

Color Therapy – Chromotherapy 

It is a well-known fact that color plays a major role in establishing a particular mood or state of mind.

Colors are certain wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy seen through our eyes. The actual color that we see is the part of the visible spectrum that is reflected back by a certain object.

When all the colors of the rainbow are combined, the result is white light. Working with the different spectrums of White Light can create completeness, or a harmony and union of all complementary parts.

Colors affect us in different ways:

  • Color is one of the languages of the soul.
  • Color influences our mood and emotions.
  • Colors have an impact on our sense of well-being or un-easiness.
  • Using and avoiding certain colors is a way of self-expression; it reflects an aspect of our personality or mood.
  • Colors affect our sense of perception (light colors make a space look big, a high ceiling looks less high when painted in a dark color, etc.)
  • Colors have a symbolic meaning which is recognized by our sub-conscious mind.
  • Colors influence the flow and amount of energy in our bodies.

True healing comes about when the cause of the condition or illness is addressed and transformed. Our Body is an outward expression of that which is taking place within the mind, the soul (subconscious) and the spirit (super-conscious) of the individual. In healing, colors act as balancers: we administer the color(s) someone needs more of, or we give the opposite of the color someone has too much of.

Our Rocky Mountain Saunas utilizes the seven colors of chromo light therapy:

infrared sauna

Healing properties:  Orange is warm, cheering, non-constricting. Orange has a freeing action upon the body and mind, relieving repressions. Orange shows new possibilities and other options in life. Stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm, and helps assimilate new ideas.

It is also helpful in dealing with excess sexual expression. Orange stimulates the lungs, the respiration and the digestion. Increases the activity of the thyroid. Relief of muscle cramps and spasms. Orange links very strongly with the sacral chakra.  Preference for orange: Orange represents the warmth of the fire. It brings even more energy than yellow, celebration and great abundance, comfort, enjoyment of the senses. Warm, sociable, dynamic and independent people who dedicate themselves to whatever they do.


Healing properties: Yellow helps strengthen the nerves and the mind. It helps awaken mental inspiration and stimulates higher mentality. Thus, it is an excellent color for nervous or nerve-related conditions or ailments. It also energizes the muscles.

Dark yellow soothes pains in the nerves (shooting pains) Yellow can be used for conditions of the stomach, liver, and intestines. Speeds up the digestion and assimilation of nutrients from food. It helps the pores of the skin and aids scarred tissue in healing itself. Yellow links with and stimulates the solar plexus, or psychic center. It can be used for psychic burnout or other psychic-related conditions or ailments. Activates and cheers up depressed and melancholic people. Gives lust for life.

Preference for yellow: The color of the sun, life-force, vividity, vitality and energy. The color of cheerfulness, curiosity, alternation, flexibility, progress, amusement, contact through traveling and communication, learning and practical knowledge and a feeling for writing and speaking.


Healing properties:  Green is the color of Nature and the Earth. It is balance and harmony in essence and possesses a soothing influence upon both mind and body. It is neither relaxing nor astringent in its impact. Green can be used for just about any condition in need of healing.

Green rings psychological and emotional harmony and balance. Green links with and stimulates the heart chakra. Green affects blood pressure and all conditions of the heart. It has both an energizing effect and a moderating or soothing effect. It helps restore hormonal imbalances.  Stimulates growth hormone and rejuvenation. Cleans and purifies from germs, bacteria and rotting material.  Harmonizes the digestion, stomach, liver, gall and has a healing effect on kidneys. It increases immunity, builds up muscles, bones and tissues, stimulates inner peace and strengthens the nervous system.

Preference for green: Green brings peace, rest, hope, comfort and nurturing, calmness and harmony. Interest in nature, plants, fellowmen, children and animals, health and healing, natural and plain life. Longing for a safe home and family-life and a dislike of conflicts.


Healing properties:  Blue is cooling, electric, astringent.  Cools down inflammations, fever, high blood pressure, stops bleedings, relieves headaches, and calms strong emotions like anger, aggression or hysteria.  Brings tranquility, anti-itching, anti-irritation (for instance redness of the skin), anti-stress and soothes suffering.

Blue can be used for any type of ailments associated with speech, communication, or the throat. Excellent for laryngitis or inflammation of the larynx. Blue links with and stimulates the throat chakra. The throat chakra is often referenced as the “power center” and “the greatest center in the body” because it is the primary center of expression and communication, through speech.

Preference for blue:  Cool and soothing, dreamy and magical. Peace and rest. For people who keep a certain distance, but give calm and practical help; they are faithful and loyal, have a sense for order, logic and rational thinking. Flying in day-dreaming, ideals or nostalgia when felt misunderstood. Dark blue is more severe and can be melancholic. Blue is also the color of truth.


Healing properties:  Indigo is a great purifier of the bloodstream and also benefits mental problems.  It is a freeing and purifying agent.

Indigo combines the deep blue of devotion with a trace of stabilizing and objective red.  Indigo is cool, electric, and astringent. Indigo links with and stimulates the brow chakra (third eye) and controls the pineal gland. It governs both physical and spiritual perception.

It can be of great assistance in dealing with ailments of the eyes and ears.


Healing properties: Purple is the color of transformation. Purple helps to heal melancholy, hysteria, delusions and alcohol addiction and bring spiritual insights and renewal. Purple hued colors slow down an over-active heart; stimulate the spleen and the white blood cells (immunity). Purple helps bring sleep.

Soothe mental and emotional stress. Decrease sensitivity to pain and helps in detoxification.

Leonardo da Vinci proclaimed that you can increase the power of meditation ten-fold by meditating under the gentle rays of Violet, as found in Church windows. Preference for violet/purple: Colors for meditation, contemplation, mysticism, spirituality and religion power.

Infrared Sauna

Healing properties:  Red brings warmth, energy and stimulation.  Red is good for energy, fatigue, colds, chilly and passive people. Red energizes heart and blood circulation, it builds up the blood and heightens a low blood pressure. It energizes all organs and the senses hearing, smell, taste, vision and touch. Increases sexual desire and activity and stimulates ovulation and menstruation.

Red links with and stimulates the root chakra, at the base of the spine, causing the adrenal glands to release adrenalin. This results in greater strength. Red causes hemoglobin to multiply, thus increasing energy and raising body temperature. It is excellent for anemia and blood-related conditions. It loosens, opens up clogs, releases stiffness and constrictions. It is excellent for areas that have become stiffened or constricted.

Preference for red:  Red is associated with passionate love, sex, great energy, impulse, action and stimulation, assertiveness and aggression, courage, strength and power, adventure, danger, warnings, revolt and revolution. Temperamental and ambitious people with a need for personal freedom.


infrared sauna



infrared sauna


Disclaimer: The information on this guide is presented for informational and educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for diagnosis, treatment and advice of a qualified healthcare provider. We do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Consult with your healthcare provider prior to using any advice or product mentioned on this guide. The reader of this guide is highly recommended to investigate the safety and efficacy of any natural or alternative therapy, diet, nutritional advice, supplement or health modification program before commencing.