May 2015

Could You Have A Food Addition?

Eating healthy and losing weight seems downright impossible for many people.

Despite their best intentions, they repeatedly find themselves eating large amounts of unhealthy foods, despite knowing that it is causing them harm.

See You Don't Need Bread

Many people avoid bread for all kinds of reasons. Some just want less carbs while others need to avoid gluten. Well, here’s the good news– You can have your sandwich and eat it too!  Here are a few ideas for you, use your imagination and come up with some ideas of your own :)

Mindful Eating

Keep these things in mind before you put that food in your mouth............



-How you will feel when you are done eating it, how you will really feel, physically or emotionally with ups and downs if you eat sugar?

Don't Forget Your Fiber ! ! !

Fiber is one of the most important part of our diets.

It add vitamins and minerals to our diets and feeds the friendly gut bacteria, leading to all sorts of health benefits.